Friday, October 28, 2011

Top 10 Tips for Occupy Bangor Campers

10. Next time you have to call a City Councilor, use your "sexy"
      voice to avoid sounding "threatening."

9.   Bring your sled.

8.   If you aren't from Bangor but choose to Occupy Bangor instead 
      of Augusta, be aware that some people may consider you to be 
     "from away."

7.   If you're bringing the kids, make sure to dress them up for 
      Halloween. Downtown is giving out free candy Saturday from 

6.   Bring your laptop. The library is a wireless hotspot so you'll be 
      able to watch Beyonce's latest music video while you "occupy."

5.   If you can't sleep and counting sheep doesn't help, take a walk 
      around Bangor and count the " pigeons."

4.   If you hear strange noises in the night, whatever you do, 
      DON'T think about the Stephen King novel that takes place in 
      downtown Bangor with a scary clown as its main character.

3.   When you're feeling cold, just remember, these guys have been 
       at it a lot longer than you have.

2.   When the porta potty fills up, call Cary Weston.

1.   When you've had enough, treat yourself to a corporate meal 
       at "Ninety-nine" by the Bangor Mall.

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