Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Bangor Neighborhood Revitalization Project Has Begun...


                        "While not part of the downtown district it [the area between Buck & Union
                        and Main & Third] is one of the major gateways to downtown so it is very
                        important to us too."
                                                                                               -Downtown Bangor.

The City of Bangor held its first Neighborhood Revitalization meeting last night at the James F. Doughty School. The auditorium was filled with residents, non-residents, City Councilors, business owners, landlords, and Nick Danby. They all came to share their thoughts and to hear what the City has planned for the revitalization of this area. Though it was clear what improvements the residents wanted to see (e.g., better sidewalks, natural gas lines, less crime, less noise, more trees, less litter, better lighting, youth centers, park improvements, corner stores, more code enforcment, a skate park, etc), less clear was what the City had planned. The City presented several photos of examples of possible improvements that could be made to the area. These included photos of benches and brick sidewalks (which some residents suggested looked like Portland, Maine), a new and wider crosswalk across Main Street (so that residents could more easily access the waterfront), and an aerial shot of a high density housing project. They also showed a photo of Hollywood Slots and reminded the ninety people in the audience that this provides them with jobs.

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