Friday, March 16, 2012

Bangor Daily News Wicked Clean Limerick Contest

Their limericks may be a little too clean to make it into the lauded publication Wicked Maine Limericks but that is not the fault of the 40+ finalists whose limericks were chosen for the Bangor Daily News 2012 Limerick Contest.  Any entries with R-rated content were disqualified (as the Bangor Daily News is a "family newspaper").  Nevertheless, limericks written by Bangor residents Kevin Holmes, Sandra Robinson, Lital Rudoy, Jeremy Lehan, Cathy Lemin, and Lawrence Merrill made it onto the final list bringing them closer to winning the grand prize: a $50 gift certificate to Geaghan's Restaurant & Pub.  So, if one of their limericks strikes your fancy then vote for it online before 5pm Monday, March 19th.  Or, if reading a few obscene limericks is more your style then here are a few samples from Wicked Maine Limericks to get your St. Patrick's Day weekend started.

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