Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Is Whole Foods Market coming to Bangor, Maine?

Whole Foods Market,Bangor,Maine
There is a movement afoot on facebook to bring Whole Foods Market to Bangor, Maine.  The most recent update on the Bring Whole Foods to Bangor, Maine facebook page states that the supermarket chain was "not opposed to the idea" and that "they were going to review the Bangor Region demographics and provide some kind of information this week."  The facebook page has gone from 164 likes to over 2,800 in the last month.  Whole Foods Market specializes in organic and "natural" products.


  1. I have Celiac Disease and I NEED Whole Foods to provide me with a variety of things to eat! The local market doesn't meet my needs nearly enough!

  2. We need a Wholefoods store in Bangor and Belfast Maine. We have very limited options and it would give residents of both cities, not only a better selection of foods, but also new job opportunities which are much needed as well. I am really hoping this happens soon.

  3. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! One Whole Foods for an entire state is not enough and, quite frankly, ridiculous.