Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The 2012 Bangor City Council Candidates - Click on a name!

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There are quite a few candidates eager to fill the seats vacated by Geoff Gratwick, Cary Weston, and Patricia Blanchette this year.  To find out more about the candidates, click on a name in the photo above.  Or check out the 2012 Bangor City Council Candidates Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters Monday, October 29th in City Council Chambers at 7:30pm. (note date change!)

To view a sample ballot or for more information on the 2012 elections click on Vote2012 in the menu bar.

Watch a video of the City Council Forum mentioned above.


  1. My name is not linked but you can learn more about myself and why I am running for Bangor City Council on my website, www.electmegshorette.com

    1. Sorry about that, Meg! Your name is now linked to your campaign website.