Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Loco" for Downtown Bangor's Newest Restaurant - 11 Central

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In an impressively transformed space that used to house Mexican Restaurant Coco Loco, 11 Central (located at 11 Central Street) is serving up some very tasty dinner cuisine.  On the menu are flavorful dishes like gnocchi served in a creamy tomato vodka sauce with spinach & chorizo, "dirty hippie pizza," salads, seafood, pastas, libations, and more.  Entrees start at $13.  The downtown eatery is open 4pm-10pm every night except Tuesday. Wednesday-Saturday pizza & light fare are served until midnight.


  1. My husband and I received a gift certificate for 11 Central and we were anxious to try this new restaurant after work(5pm). He was looking for a parking spot and I luckily had located a good parking spot so I went in to be seated, as it was bitterly cold. That is when I met the "hostess witch". The place was empty except for 1 table. So I was shocked when she said I would have to "have a drink at the bar" until my party arrived. I said I was not interested in a bar drink and preferred to be seated. This was a no. I asked to freshen up and was PERMITTED to use the restroom. I then stood uncomfortably at the door, and pretty much had lost my appetite with that introduction. I said this is unbelievable, the place is empty, she shrugged her shoulders. I then said I would return to my car to wait until my husband was parked. Clearly skip this place and attitude. The owner needs to know people are being driven away at the door.

    1. Thanks for the warning. I had a similar experience at a Castine restaurant/Inn a number of years ago. Arrogance is in great supply with these smug entrepreneurs who think that a little education and chic wardrobe earn them the right to run roughshod over us peons.