Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gifford's Ice Cream Fans Giddy about New Maine-themed Flavors

There has definitely been some excitement over the new Maine-themed flavors from Gifford's Famous Ice Cream. Earlier this month on their facebook page, Gifford's shared a photo of one fan's creative arrangement using rice and cartons of Appalachian Trail and Mt. Katahdin Crunch. In the video above, another fan maybe gets a little too giddy about the new Campfire S'mores flavor. Thankfully, not every fan takes the names of Gifford's New Outdoor Adventure Series flavors this literally, otherwise who knows what they would do with Fly Fishing Fudge or Muddy Boots!


  1. Mainers definitely like their ice cream

    1. Yes! It would be great to have an ice cream parlor in Downtown Bangor.